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KOI Nets and Bowls

Offering a variety of Koi nets, bowls and more.


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Koi Smart Net

12" diameter aluminum frame

12" diameter aluminum frame
12" long wooden handle
The SN12 has a 48" long, very soft mesh, not watertight, but will not pass water quickly


Koi Smart Net

20 inch Koi Smart Net $54.89
25 inch Koi Smart Net $62.89
30 inch Koi Smart Net $72.89

Koi Smart Nets are designed to fit standard swimming pool handles. They are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, and use the finest netting available.


Smart Net Handle

Smart Net Handle

4’ to 8’ Handle $20.49

Aluminum handle fits all Koi Smart Net sizes. These handles have a cam-lock to securely adjust the length from 4 to 8 feet.

Blue Koi Viewing Bowl

Koi Viewing Bowls


27” Round  X  13” Deep



Blue Koi Viewing Bowls


31” Round  X  16” Deep



Koi Measuring Tub

Koi Measuring Tub


30”x 18”x 12”  Koi Measuring Tub

These tubs are ideal for larger koi.  The measuring strip allows you to monitor the growth of your koi, also great for medicated bath treatments and taking pictures.
Note: Self adhesive measuring strip can be placed on the side or bottom of the tub.

Blagdon Clearview Pond Cover Nets

Blagdon Clearview Pond Cover Nets


13’x9’ $27.00
20' x 33' $72.23

Clear Strong Net

  • Unobtrusive, low visibility pond cover.
  • Provides protection from predators such as herons and cats.
  • Prevents leaves falling into the pond and causing water quality problems.
  • Complete with fixing pegs.

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