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KOI Health

Offering a variety of Koi health products to include Proform-C, KoiZyme, Tricide-Neo, and more.


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Chloramine-T treatment of bacterial gill disease, body fungi and bacterial infections.
1 lb. jar   $42.00
CHLORAMINE-T is a excellent choice for the control and elimination of bacterial gill disease, body fungi and bacterial infections. It has some effect on Flukes in clean water conditions such as hospital tanks and quarantine tanks. Safe when dosed correctly. Bio-filtration MUST be bypassed during dosing. For ornamental pond use only, can not be used on food fish.

PraziPond Plus

PraziPond plus Preeminent treatment for flukes
10 grams   Treats  1,000 gal   $28.00
50 grams   Treats  5,000 gal   $100.00
100 grams   Treats  10,000 gal   $168.00
Praziquantel ("Prazi") is the preeminent treatment for flukes. 'Prazi' is by far the most gentle, yet effective treatment for flukes available. As a preventative, treating once a year in early Spring is recommended. PraziPond Plus will work in any water temperture, and can be used at the same time with ProForm-C.


ProForm-C Koi Treatment of Ich, Costia and fungal infections.
1 Quart   Treats  3,200 gal, 3 times   $26.50
1 Gallon   Treats  12,000 gal, 3 times    $76.95
ProForm-C is the preeminent broad spectrum malachite green & formalin treatment. It is formulated differently than any other malachite green & formalin mix. Malachite green and formalin are two drugs that are more effective in combination than if used individually. This is the definition of synergism. These two drugs are also less toxic in combination than if used individually, What makes ProForm-C the preeminent product in this field is the fact it is formulated with malachite green chloride, while all other MG&F products use the oxalate salt form which is more toxic than the chloride form. As with any malachite green & formalin treatment do NOT use with salt levels above 0.05%.


KoiZyme  Reduces threat of Aeromonas and psudomonas in Koi.
1 Pint  Treats  24,000 to 48,000 gal   $159.00
1 Quart  Treats  48,000 to 96,000 gal    $51.00 

KoiZyme is a biological formula of naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and micro nutrients. When used as directed, KoiZyme will reduce the threat caused by Aeromonas, Psudomonas and other pathnogenetic bacteria.

Use Koizyme as preventative maintenance before health issues occur
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Debride Ointment

Debride Ointment Healing of ulcers, mouth rot and fin rot in Koi.
12 gram tube  apx 20 Applications   $24.95
1 oz. tube  apx 45 Applications   $42.95
Debride is a medicated ointment that promotes prompt and complete healing of ulcers, mouth rot, fin rot, and tail rot, all symptoms of Aeromonas and Pseudomonas.safe to apply to the fish's mouth and will not harm the gills. Debride contains Corticosteroide and topical anesthetic in a butylester copolymer Petroleum distillate carrier.

Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit

Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit

Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit - 50 grams    $34.99 (makes two gallons plus)
Deluxe Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit - 130 grams    $54.99 (makes five gallons plus)

Koi Ulcers, Body Sores * Gill Infections * Fin Rot * Mouth Rot and more!*
Ulcer Aid Rx™ is a blend of multiple antibiotics that have been proven to work together both in the laboratory and in field trials. This combination of antibiotics has been shown to be effective even against multi drug resistant bacterial pathogens such as koi fin rot, bacterial gill infections body sores and ulcers.

Your choice of four easy to use treatment methods, a bath, topical spray, direct application or our unique “rocker method”. Only takes just five minutes or less to complete the treatment method of your choice. Ulcer Aid Rx™ is simple to use and very effective in managing serious koi bacterial infections in pond fish.
 Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kits *makes it very easy for you to mix as little as four ounces of *Ulcer Aid Rx™ in our easy to store spray bottle and as much as five gallons for multiple baths. With our *Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kits *there is no reason to mix more product then you’ll need for one treatment.
Each Ulcer Aid Rx™ Kit *includes a spray bottle, your choice of 130 grams or 50 grams of *Ulcer Aid Rx™, special measuring spoons for easy measuring of the proper dosage. (no weighing needed) Plus, every kit includes step by step instructions for each of our four easy treatments of your choice.


Bifuran for Koi Health
100 grams   $28.00    500 grams   $105.00
Bifuran possesses bacteriostatic, bacteriocidal and antimicrobial properties useful for treating and controlling bacterial and sporozonoan diseases. Very effective for controlling ulcers, fin rot, mouth rot and tail rot. Bifuran is a very effective total pond treatment.
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