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Koi Information

Koi information, varieties, and Koi diseases.


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Koi varieties and Koi diseases at svkoi.com Koi Varieties     Koi varieties and Koi diseases at svkoi.com Koi Diseases    

Useful Koi Information . . .

Koi or Nishikigoi come in many colors not to mention many varieties can have a separate distinction of being Doitsu (mostly scale less), Ginrin (scales that have a diamond reflection) and many can come with a Hikari sheen (metallic). This is one of the great things about the Nishikigoi hobby. We have put together a page for you that will help in learning distinction of some of the many varieties of Nishikigoi.

Sometimes your beautiful Nishikigoi can come down with an illness or parasite and one of the things you will need to know is what your koi has contracted to determine what you can execute to make them healthy again. Some parasites require a microscope to see them while others you can see with your eyes relatively easy. In this section you will find a page with pictures and descriptions of fish related disease and parasites. If your koi are acting abnormal first and foremost check your water parameters as it could be something as simple as a high ph level or high nitrite level.

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