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Current news and specials from Summit View Koi, selling Quality Koi and pond supplies in Puyallup, WA.


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Fall Harvest in Japan 2011

October 27th


Follow us on our journey to bring you hand picked high quality koi from top breeders at affordable prices.


Went to Marusaka who is known for his doitsu and his fighting bulls. The bulls don’t really fight they but heads and stare each other down. This is a big tradition in Japanese culture. We also purchased a few koi from this farm. The Ki Kokuryu is quite stunnining.

Japan Trip Koi

Here I am with Marusaka and his son.

Marusaka and Joel

October 28th Part I

Yogazen studied and still works with Izumia who is famous for Yamabuki ogon but breeds very nice showa ,Asagi, Goromo and Doitsu Gosanke.

Yagozen Mix

(A) Kujaku (B) Yamabuki (C) Showa (D) Doitsu Kohaku (E) Doitsu Sanke (F) Tategoi Ai Goromo

Spent some time at Hoshino’s House (Koda Koi) and he has very beautiful oil paintings.


Kodi Mix

(A) Tancho Sanke (B) Tancho Kohaku (C) Tancho Goshiki (D) Doitsu Platinum (E) Lemon Hariwake (F) Ginrin Shiro Utsuri

A tile wall outside of the Kawaguchi train station


 A quick stop to Yamazaki to get some longfins

long fins Yamazaki

Yamazki Mix

Benigoi, Ginrin platinum, Longfin Benigoi, Kin Matsuba, Ginrin Benigoi, Gin Matsuba, Longfin Platinum
Longfin Hi Utsuri, Longfin Ochiba.

Yamazki Mix

Long fin Yamabuki Ogon, Hi Utsuri, Hariwake Benigoi and Shusui. Shiro Utsuri, Benigoi.

We went to Aoki today but the prices were not so good so I didn’t by any koi but here is a picture of his Tosai.


My next stop was to Kase who breeds the best Beni Kikokuryu and Ginga I made it a point to by both and very high quality.


Kase Beni Kikokuryu and Ginga

Kase Mix


October 28th Part II

Went to Jirosuke who produces nice and rare Beni Kumonryu and and Matsukawabake.

9-10 inch Beni Kumonryu Tancho Sanke                                       9-10 inch Matsukawabke

Ikarashi had some really nice Ochiba and is a very nice person to deal with.
This is the office at Ikarashi  

Ikarsh Ikarsh

Sign for Ikarashi koi farm

Ikarshi Office

Ikarashi Mix

Koi Koi

(A)18” Ochiba (B)14” Goromo (C) 16” Kujaku (D) and (E) 16” Ochiba

Had to go to Suda and get some longfin gosanke. Kohaku, Showa and Sanke  very high quality.




October 30th

There were some very Koi at the Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show. Koda koi won three 1st place. Sekiguchi had some amazing pearl ginrin Gosanke.

Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show

Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show

Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show

Marudo as always had some nice stuff. Pictures don’t do these fish justice as they were stressed from just being pulled from mud pond. The breeder told me that these fish will get nothing but better in a few months.

Marudo 16-17Maruuten Sank Femail & Showa Male

Went to Marusei to purchase Akame Kigoi but none were available. So I purchased a good mix.

Marusei 12-14Marusei 12-14

Marusei Mix

Here are some pictures of the landscape. Check out the Praying Mantis.

October 31st

Kanno Koi Farm Asagi based Goshiki with shiny skin. Very high quality. We are now proud to be the U.S. dealer for Kanno Koi Farm Who only produces tategoi  Goshiki and Sanke. These Goshiki were present at the All Japan show last year as tosai in the outside arena.



Kanno Koi Farm Sanke some of the best on this trip. Matsunoske and Momotaro bloodlines.

Kanno Koi Farm Sanke

November 1st

Koda High Quality Goshiki

Koda High Quality Goshiki Koda High Quality Goshiki'

The younger generation of Koda Koi

younger generation of Koda Koi

Me in front of Marusei

Me in front of Marusei

Random shots.

Koi Japan Trip

November 2nd

Sekiguchi is famous for pearl Ginrin and some great Gosanke

Sekiguchi is famous for pearl Ginrin

(A) 12 “ Pearl Ginrin Kohaku, (B) 9” Tancho Kohaku, (C)8” Tategoi Pearl Ginrin Sanke (D) 15” Kohaku (E) 7” Pearl Ginrin Bekko (F)12” Tancho Showa

More Sekiguchi Mix

Sekiguchi Mix

(G)13” Doitsu Showa   (H) 12” Tancho Showa   (I) 15” Tancho Kohaku  (J) 8” Pearl Ginrin Sanke






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